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I'm just a girl, my apologies

not your typical prototype.

30 August 1985
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Well here I am, opening another live journal. I already have 2 on the system somewhere, but I'm not convinced that I want that Jayne to still be remembered. You see I was a dfferent person then - I've grown up now. I'm not saying I'm fully grown, I think I'm far from it, but I'm more mature than I was then.
I'm 21 now, I've finally finished uni and I'm a fully qualified teacher. I teach Y5 children in a school not far from where I live.
Sometimes I get the urge to write, sometimes I don't. It means my entries will be sparodic. I'm not going to pretend this will become a regular thing.
Don't take what I say as gospel, and don't give me $h1t for it - each person is entitled to their own opinion - mine tend to change frequently.
There are things I'm passionate about (teaching, Corrie, reading, writing) and some things I can't stand (chavs, bad drivers, hosptals).
I lost my mam on 21st October 2005 to leukaemia. She was too young. She had too much to live for. I am still bitter.
Enjoy the ride. Leave me notes.
I'm 22 now and living in Qatar where I teach in a British International School. I love it over here. I'm living with Michael and we recently got engaged (04.01.08). We are getting married on 13.12.08. We are really excited! Well, I am!!

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